Hello there! My name is Tiago Alex Costa. Welcome to TAlexCostaPhoto, my home on the web!

You can book me and my services for anything from event coverage, family photoshoots or portraits, and even for professional photos for you to use in your car sale ad. 
Whatever the concept and idea you have in mind, I will gladly hear it from you and reply back to your enquiry as quickly as possible. 

With a wide experience, ranging from family photography to event coverage like exhibits, motorsport events to team building activities, to real estate or landscape photography; the final result all comes down to the preparation done in advance. Only then, finally, reading the right moment and be ready to capture the best situations and opportunities, exactly when everything looks in its natural place.
For this, all of my photography has a very special value to me, and I do feel honored for every single print I do get to share with you.     

You can then either have private online access to your photos, download them and print them by and for yourself; or if you prefer, to order printed copies and have them delivered at home. More personalized and specific requests and packages can surely also be arranged.
For that, you can quickly and easily send me an email with what you have in mind!

So either you're looking for family photography prints to give as a present, to have it decorating  your wall or album; if you want photographies of your car, classic or modern, for as a simple purpose like improving the visual impact of it's sale ad, or instead to have it print in large format print as a symbolic representation of the vehicle's value to you, as personalized poster or art like fine print; can't wait to hear from you.

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